IFP > Counseling and assessment

With the IFP counseling and assessment services organizations can assess their financial situation, cost effectiveness of funds and make positive changes in the management of financial system. From this perspective the assessment of assets and liabilities in different ways is also crucial, where we can provide the necessary assistance.

The experienced financial advisors of our company are well aware of the subtleties of the areas of tax legislation, budgeting, as well as the assessment of the financial situation of companies and real estate in the sectors of financial flows and tax planning, trade and export-import transactions. It is difficult to find such professionals and it is expensive to recruit them on a regular basis. It is much more profitable to order such services from independent and conscientious companies such as IFP.

The financial management sphere is diverse, with many risks, some of which can cause significant damages as well as bankruptcy.

IFP company will detect, warn of the existence of such risks and through collaborative efforts will help design and implement such procedures that will reduce the impact of the risks.

You can apply to the IFP for any problems related to the financial sphere and the qualified specialists of our company will help you find the shortcuts for solving them. The knowledge, experience and conscientious attitude of IFP towards what we do are the guarantee of our long-term cooperation and the development of your business.