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IFP company provides the full spectrum of audit services: audit, review, consent procedures and compilation provided for by the RA legislation, international standards on auditing and guidelines.

  • Audit
    The purpose of the audit is to provide an independent and impartial opinion on the reliability of the financial statements prepared by the Organization. Audit plays a key role in corporate governance and enhances the statement user’s confidence to the management of the organization.
  • Review
    The result of the financial statements review is the auditor’s confirmation about the absence of essential errors and distortions in the financial statements. With regard to audit, it has a lower level of assurance.

  • Consent procedures
    The implementation of the consent procedures provides information on pre-agreed issues, which may include both factual data and a report of deficiencies identified during the implementation of the procedures.
  • Compilation works
    Using the auditor’s experience and knowledge during the compilation works, client receives the Organization’s financial statements based on his or her registrations.

The IFP qualified auditors will get acquainted with your organization’s activities and turnover volumes, the existing problems by identifying the performance of auditors and their objective to the users, they will offer the type of service you need and the expected outcome.

The task will be carried out in accordance with the plan approved by the parties, which will give the opportunity to save time and money as well as increase the efficiency of the work. Client of the audit, where appropriate, will be provided with interim reports on the work done, and a final report upon completion of the work.

IFP guarantees the confidentiality of your information, the provision of reliable audit report, which will inspire confidence among investors, donors, significant partners, and regulatory bodies as well.