Who will be dealing with tax authorities?

We deal with tax authorities upon receiving requests and demands, we accompany the managing director during his or her visits to the RA State Revenue Committee and represent the interests of the client during tax inspections.

How fast will I get the answers to my questions while working with you?

If it is about current work, the answer will be available in online form or within 1-2 hours. And if the question concerns legislation analysis, tax optimization or additional calculations, the response can take from 1 to 5 days. The time period for responding

upon receipt of a request, is necessarily agreed with the customer.

You have many clients. Will I get enough attention?

You will have an individual senior accountant who will give you as much attention as you need, and sometimes even more. Moreover, the head of the accounting department can also join you in solving the issues.

How can I control your work?

At any time you will be able to see the results of our work directly in ArmSoft databases, and if this is difficult for you, we will provide selective data from the database in the form of files (such as operations log).

What will happen to the primary documents?

We need the primary documents to check the accuracy of their formulation. Documents can be provided electronically. We take the hard copies through our own courier service, we convert them to electronic form, archive and return them after the submission of annual reports.

The primary documents were extracted directly by my chief accountant. Now shall I extract them by myself?

If there is a need for primary documentation, we can provide such a service. The company’s technologies allow us to prepare the primary document and deliver it to the client within 20 minutes of receipt of the request.